AHHHH your tunes are super rad!! make more oldskool jams! they rock my socks off man! =D <33

Thankyou so much, I’m working on it! :3 Love how you’re helping to keep the kandi thing alive by the way, it rocks. :D

We’ve got some more releases coming on the label soon so follow and stay tuned ^_^


figured this needed posting

for anyone who loves both ponies and old rave breaks

look at the label and read the description. I died happy <3


Thanks so much for featuring us and keeping the classics alive :)

More EqH classics to come soon! 

I am interested in joining EH as a musician, I'm giving a try on Techno and Old skool Rave, where do I submit?

Hi! Gosh, I’d almost forgotten about this blog. That sounds wonderful! Submit at equestrianhype@gmail.com, or send a youtube PM to EquestrianHype, cheers. :)

Peace and love to everypony, and to the good times these old tunes gave us.

Hey, if you’ve landed here first, check the A-side for a full rundown on this track! If you’ve done things in the right order, proceed :D

I made this remix to go on the b-side, hoping that this more stripped down, darker sound would be more palatable to the more-hardcore-than-thou crowd, because there sure was a rather large air of hardcore snobbery in the lunar rave scene at the time. For alot of DJs if it was too catchy, if it was too tuneful, it was cheesy bollocks for the pop charts they wouldn’t be caught dead spinning. This attitude was and is a load of nonsense, but music is business! 

And to be fair, I’m one for the darker, harder tunes myself. There’s just no need to get all wanky and self important about it.

Hello again fillies and gentlecolts! This week we have another classic rip on the cards, this time a classic rave tune from back in the heydays of late ‘92.

And boy, was there a lot of buzz back in Tuft Lane Studios back in those days, with Cloudsdale House still remaining popular and the lunar rave movement in Canterlot quickly becoming a cultural phenomenon, we simply couldn’t release tunes fast enough.

It was a good time. We’d often have ponies all over the various recording rooms and whatever desk space they could grab, setting up their Amigas, Atari STs, hoofboards, samplers and whatever else have you, all carving out a little space where they could work on their tunes with everypony else. On any given day, the main studio would have half a dozen ponies coming and going, huddled in their corners with their setup, and the floor would rapidly become a death trap of tangled patch cables and empty soda bottles.

Sure, they could have just stayed home and worked in their bedrooms like so many ponies did, but sharing the space, working together and generally keeping each other company was all part of our culture at EqH. Everypony could come in an have a go, and we’d all share our equipment. All very much in the Equestrian custom of sharing and caring! As such, there was plenty of natter and gossip. Catching the ear of intrepid newcomer and multi-genre producer Nostalgia Sound was EqH regular Dj Pon-3’s story of how she met and fell in love with her wife, Octavia, and he decided he just had to do a tune about it.

And we’re glad he did! Wanting to try his hoof at the new fangled lunar rave sound, but being of a rather more gentler disposition than you’re typical hoofcore producer or lunar raver, the resulting track came out more tuneful and euphoric than what the canterlot massiv’ were usually bouncing their horns to, something a bit more like the house tunes we’d normally do in Cloudsdale. And as such, some ponies pinpoint this as one of the first “Celestial Rave” tracks, which took the sound and the culture along with it in a more mellow and friendly direction. Some ponies were just sick of all the rawcus and wanted to prove that having a good time and enjoying good dance tunes didn’t mean you had to be so irresponsible and “more hardcore than thou”. I always did approve of this change, myself. It felt a lot more Equestiran, and their motto of “Love and Tolerance” really sums up what I feel our nation should be about.

Whatever it fits into, this is a capital tune that sold copies on both the celestial and lunar side of things, thanks to the darker, less tuneful dub version of the b-side keeping things harder for the die hard lunars.

Enjoy the tunes, everypony~!

EQU 202 - DJ PON-3 Befriends Psychedelic Brony - Love Poison 3000

Hay again everypony! Back again with another blast from the past, this time hopefully something y’all a bit more likely to remember.

We figured since we recently put out that “Love Poison” track, we’d remind you of another track we once put out with… roughly the same name! Hailing from the mid 90s, this smashing remix was done by a pony that you’ll certainly know the name of PON-3, perhaps better known as Vinyl Scratch. Back in the early to mid 90s, she was known around the dance underground for her awesome and varied remixes on our label, working in seemingly a different genre every week! 

Then of course she went off to DJ under the name Vinyl Scratch, started releasing epic trance tunes, got too big for us and now is the only DJ most ponies can name! C’est la vie. Still doing awesome work, though, and we’re proud someone we signed got to be such a big name.

Anyway, I’m rambling! The big beat flavoured remix of the psychadelic classic “Perfect Stallion” is a toe thumping journey through heavy beats, tin whistles and awesomely fun vocals!

It’s original music video, known for its blend of live action and trippy humanist imagery is available at pon-3’s very own channel below!

Music Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2LSavHwb82s

EQU-50 - Chaosthasia/CNTRLT MASSIVE

Back in Feb ‘92 we were looking for a b-side for Chaosthasia, SSH99 offered his friends new track CNTRLT MASSIVE (canterlock required), and let me tell you, this was quite unlike anything I’d ever heard before. Complex distorted breakbeat rhythms, searing hoovers and booty samples, this track was really rather ahead of its time, and an early example of what would later be called Jungle, but at the time, any hard and dark dance music fell under the banner of “lunar rave”, or “that darned blasted noise those foals keep waking me up with!”. The freeparty soundsystem, Everfree Colective, used to love this one just for how chaotic it is and how much it confused the dancefloor.

So here’s to a classic jungle tune, back in the good old days when you were expected to have more than one drum pattern in your tracks, the fidelity didn’t matter and everypony was high on poison joke or stoned on horse tranquiliziers anyway!

Vinyl Rip: http://bit.ly/GO56CP 
Soundcloud: http://soundcloud.com/dashssunglasses/djfistbuck-cntrlt-massive
EQHype Blog: http://equestrianhype.tumblr.com/
EQHype SC Group: http://soundcloud.com/groups/equestrian-hype-artists

EQU-50 - Chaosthasia/CNTRLT MASSIVE

Aw yea, time for a real lunar rave classic - none other than the canterlot anthem, Chaostasia. Originally recorded and released on white label dubplate in 1991, this track always had everypony on the dancefloor asking “what’s that tune with the synth that sounds like all the choirs of equestria are screaming at you?” Well, that’s what I was asking anyway when I was shaking my drunken plot around some smoke filled basement in the dodgy bit of Canterlot. I just had to have it. And when I found out it didn’t even have a proper pressing, I was both appaled and ecstatic! Knew this one was going to finally break Equestrian Hype into the Canterlot scene.

And just that it did. Quickly signing SSH on and pairing it up with DJ FISTBUCK’s CNTRLOT MASSIVE, a supprisingly progressive track for ‘92, with dark, precocious amen rhythms and middle-eastern influences. Well, I’d certainly heard nothing of the sort anyway, and this hard new sound was really quite exciting, let me tell you. It sure as heck confused the dancefloor, but in the best possible way. A tune ahead of its time.

As I predicted, we couldn’t press this record quick enough, and Chaostasia quickly became an anthem for the new “Lunar Raver” subculture that was developing in Canterlot at the time, in which rebelious foals such as my younger self were bandning together to hold rediculous open air parties at which they’d blast these harsh new sounds, preach the doctrine of the “New Lunar Republic”, get Discord tats dyed into their flanks and wear their manes in the most rediculous fashion. Bolshie teenage rebelion, sure, and the folly of youth, definately, but the movement undeniably resulted in some of the most hard hitting,hoof stomping records to ever come out of Equestria, and is a moment in time we’ll probably never capture again.

Fillys and foals, feed your senses with the true spirit of hardcore, and let’s get some shout outs from anypony who remembers this big tune.

Vinyl Rip: http://bit.ly/GO56CP 
Soundcloud: http://soundcloud.com/supersawhoover/ssh99-chaosthasia
EQHype Blog: http://equestrianhype.tumblr.com/
EQHype SC Group: http://soundcloud.com/groups/equestrian-hype-artists

New release tonight~!

Later on we shall be re-releasing a classic EqH tune from 1992 by Nostalgia Sound.

Keep tuned~! In the mean time, let’s catch up a bit on the releases I forgot to post about before.